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Buffy Redsecker
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I am the President of the SunLight Time Foundation and as of January 2016, I am Chairman of the Board of the International League of Conservation Photographers (www.iLCP.com). I have a deep respect for the craft of photography. I work hard to capture all my images in the camera on site and use Lightroom to remove the dust spots that plague photographers of the digital age. I also crop and make (usually) small amounts of color and light adjustments. I have recently begun to play with Black and White - which of course is done in Lightroom. My bag of tricks includes a polarizer, 3 graduated neutral density filters, an 8 stop neutral density filter and some pretty orange gels when i use an off camera flash.
I spend a large part of my days working to help photographers find a way through the "new economy" in a way that allows them to get paid for their work. Content doesn't happen without the content creators, so asking for photographers to give images away for free - even for "a good cause" is disrespectful. Be creative! Like the photographers!
If you're a non-profit, educational outlet or someone working on a conservation issue and you need images, please look at www.ilcp.com there is a beautiful library of images availible there at a very low cost to causes that fit the parameters.

1997 M.F.A. Theatre Arts, Humboldt State University
1990 B.A. History, University of Maryland College Park

2009, 2010 Photography Master's Cup Nomination: Amateur Abstract Category


Master Classes:
2011 Frans Lanting: Light on the Bay Santa Cruz, CA
2010 Missouri Photojournalism Workshop: http://www.mophotoworkshop.org/62/teame/redsecker_buffy/index.html
2009 Tom Campbell and Wes Skiles: Introduction to Underwater Videography, Blue Ocean Film Festival, Savannah,GA
2005 Franz Lanting: The Art of Storytelling - Mountain Light Studios, Bishop, CA
2001 Galen Rowell: Landscape Photography - Mountain Light Studios, Emeryville, CA

2010 - 2013 Ecuador - Cinterandes (www.Cinterandes.org)
2004 - 2008 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador - Animal Balance (www.animalbalance.org)

2010 Entre Amigos: Exposicion fotografica, PAE Ambato, Ambato, Ecuador Sponsored by Purdue University Veterinary School and Fundacion CENEC Camara de Comercio
2007 Fluid Fragility, Diakadi Body, San Francisco, CA

2014 Origin Magazine: Issue 16 - The Ocean Issue (page 19)
2014 - 2015 Galapagos Conservancy Publicity Photos (website and print) via the iLCP
2010 Orphans of Katrina: Inside the World's Biggest Animal Rescue- What Really Happened on the Gulf and How You Can Help Save America's Pets Today by Karen O'Toole
2009 Modern Galapagos Reliquary No More by Buffy Redsecker
2008 http://www.exploringecuador.com/en_ar_species_galapagos_islands.htm ,
feature photographs, online magazine
2007 This is Ecuador, feature photographs, April issue, Guayaquil, Ecuador
2006 Pets in Need newsletter, disaster preparedness photos, summer issue, Redwood City, CA

2006 Your Mommy Kills Animals: Oscar winning director Curt Johnson, photo montage: Animal Rescue after Hurricane Katrina.

Corporate and Foundation Collections:
Johanna Vargas Salon, New York, NY (2014- current)
Medical Mission Hall of Fame Foundation Toledo, OH
Zenbe World Headquarters, New York, NY (2008-2010)
Diakadi Body, San Francisco, CA (2007-)

Photo Expeditions:
2016 The Antarctic Penninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands (Expedition with Erika Larsen, David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes)
2015 Coiba, Panama - Part of a larger conservation project for the World Heritage Site (Expedition with Tim Laman)
2015 Rwanda and Namibia
2014 Okavango Delta, Botswana (Expedition with Frans Lanting and Chris Eckstrom)
2014 Tonga, Lake Malawi, Zambia
2013 Florida Keys USA - Field Guide for National Geographic Story on Goliath Grouper (With David Doubilet)
2013 Churchill Manitoba, Canada, Hokkaido Japan
2012 Papua New Guinea (Expedition with David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes.)
2012 Gulf of St. Lawrence - First non professional photographers granted permits by the Canadian Department of Fisheries to photograph the Baby Harp Seals from in the water. (Expedition with David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes.)
2011 Great Whites of Guadaloupe Island, Mexico (Expedition with David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes) - Underwater Videography
2011 Goliath Grouper Spawning (Expedition with researcher Sarah Frias-Torres), East Coast of Florida - Underwater Videography
2011 Maldives - Underwater Videography
2010 Namibia
2009 Raja Ampat, Indonesia,
2009 Baja California & The Sea of Cortez, Mexico (Expedition with Ralph Lee Hopkins.)
2009-2013 Ecuador
2008 Katmai National Park, Alaska
2008 Kenya, Tanzania (Expedition with Jack and Rikki Swenson.)
2006 Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Papua New Guinea (Expedition with David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes.)
2005 Iceland, Japan and Thailand
2005 Svalbard, Norway (Expedition with Art Wolfe.)
2004 Atacama Desert and Easter Island, Chile (Expedition with Ralph Lee Hopkins.)
2004 Falkland Islands, South Georgia and The Antarctic Peninsula (Expedition with Kim Heacox.)
2004 - 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
2003 Pantanal, Brazil
2002 Galapagos, Ecuador (Wherein i met, and was inspired by, Tui De Roy)
2002 Hong Kong, Macao, China, and Peru
2001 Botswana and Zimbabwe

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