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Grevy Guerre

The Samburu National Park in Kenya is one of the few places where it's possible to see the Endangered Grevy's Zebra in the wild. We spent 3 days looking for them, and on the 3rd were rewarded when we found a small group grazing with a large herd of Plains Zebra. It wasn't hard to see the difference between the species but we were quite surprised when two of the Grevy's separated from the herd and began to fight. They were serious about this fight and kicked up alot of dust.
The Grevy's Zebra, named for a former French President who recieved one as a gift in the 1880s, is the largest species of Zebra. The Grevy prefers to live in dry arid regions but it's population has been decimated due to the high price it's skin brings on the international black market. Though not uncommon in captivity, there are only an estimated 1500 - 2000 wild Grevy Zebra left in Kenya and Ethiopia.

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