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La Familia

In Samburu National Park, Kenya, we came upon a family of African Elephants grazing contentedly by the Uaso Nyiro river. With such a young baby they paid attention to our every move, and the one on the left, gradually moved herself between our vehicle and the baby. African Elephants are a Vulnerable Species, poached for their ivory, and threatend by habitat loss, and ecosystem destruction, they come more and more into conflict with humans. These animals live in a matriarchal social society, and infants depend heavily on elders to learn how to interact appropriately in elephant society. Elephants are highly emotional creatures, and show obvious grief when one of their clan has been killed. It is believed that a baby, who watches her mother murdered, can suffer the same symptoms as a young human child who has been traumatized. These magnificent animals deserve more consideration, respect and protection than they are currently recieving worldwide.

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